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A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Joel Greenblatt about Value Investing

January 29, 2015


Joel Greenblatt is a very successful value investor and the founder of Gotham Capital, which offers four diversified long/short equity mutual funds. He has written several books on value investing identified in the notes below.

1. “One of the greatest stock market writers and thinkers, Benjamin Graham, put it this way.  Imagine that you are partners in the ownership of a business with a crazy guy named Mr. Market. Mr. Market is subject to wild mood swings. Each day he offers to buy your share of the business or sell you his share of the business at a particular price. Mr. Market always leaves the decision completely to you, and every day you have three choices. You can sell your shares to Mr. Market at his stated price, you can buy Mr. Market’s shares at that same price, or you can do nothing.

Sometimes Mr. Market is in such a…

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Wisely Speaking- 5

January 27, 2015

Wise Wealth Advisors

I get atleast few responses in the form of mails from you for every piece I write. That gives me a hope that some of you really read what I write:-) People who happen to read it through the blog also write to me. Some put it in the form of comment as well. I want to share a part of what someone wrote to me after reading the last piece. 

“A well worded article. It touched me because I have gone through the phases which you had described – especially the pain and endurance and acceptance part. I am a cancer survivor and not long ago I was on my death bed supposedly. Up to that moment I was fighting cancer and was fighting for my life, thinking that I would win over cancer with my drugs, doctors and positive thinking. But one day when my heart nearly gave…

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